Content Treasure Hunt

Got content?  You sure do…and maybe much more than you think.  Content is any relevant information your target audience finds valuable.  So whether you are B2B or B2C, content already exists in a number of places; you just need to know where to look.

  • Mission Statement / Core Values: Do you think your goals and values are worth sharing?  Many clients and prospects would love to get a better sense of your company’s internal compass.  Sort of like online company dating, it gives them a chance to know what you’re really like before they contact you.
  • Annual Reports: Dry, dry, dry…we know.  But there could be some great stats in there worth sharing.  Look at last year’s accomplishments (number of new employees or locations) that can demonstrate your growth and stability; or even the CEO’s intro letter that gives some insight into future company plans.  Reread this important document to see what data you can glean and spin into a social sound bite.
  • Competitive Comparisons: Talk about the competition??  Yep, you should.  You’re selling your points of difference to prospects every day.  Why not put it out there to a much bigger audience?  A well-crafted infographic or chart can effectively point out your competitor(s) weaknesses and play up your strengths.
  • Video / Commercials: Nothing says viral like video – it’s one of the most often shared pieces of content.  And brand loyalists remember your commercials, you know – the ones with the catchy jingle or clever spokesperson?  Dig them up, upload to YouTube then link through Twitter and Facebook.
  • New Product Launches: Psst…do you want to know a secret?  Sure you do – and so do your brand fans.  Let them in on upcoming news via a special email sign-up and these hand-raisers will love you even more.
  • Brand Love Letters: Speaking of brand fans, have you received comments or letters from your most ardent supporters?  Share these on Facebook or your website to show the world just how lovable you really are.
  • Guest Columnists: Do you work with industry experts or freelancers who can give a different perspective on your industry?  A fresh approach is worth sharing and it could be more potential business for both of you.
  • Employee Newsletters: Do your associates have a story to tell?  Chances are they do.  Whether it is supporting a cause or a suggestion that made the company more efficient or productive, you should share it.  Again, it gives some insight into your people and culture.  And customers like to do business with people they know and trust – it’s all about relationships.
  • Events / Sponsorships: You may already share the highlights about your sponsorship on your website.  But how about a journal from the road giving daily updates?  Make a fan page on Facebook or post on Twitter for real-time sharing.  You can also create a QR code that gives “secret” updates – an exclusive video or other insider news; distribute at events or through existing media channels.
  • Retail / Vendor Partnerships: Don’t just announce it…give more insight into why the partnership was formed and what it means for customers and prospects.  Interviews with key personnel, co-created content or shared best practices are all great ways to differentiate.
  • Product Reviews: If the feedback on your product is great, share the news.  And even if it isn’t, addressing upcoming enhancements will go far to keep customers on board until you do.  It’s important that they know you hear them and appreciate their comments.
  • Press Releases: Social is PR and you should absolutely be featuring these releases in your social as well as traditional channels.  You can’t reach the biggest audience if you are doing only one or the other.
  • Traditional Media: Have you created advertorials or infomercials that can be uploaded to your website?  You might need to freshen it up first to make it relevant, then post on Twitter and link back to it.

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